Half Of All Bitcoin Unmoved In 2 Years: What Does This Mean For The BTC Price?

A popular crypto analyst called “Documenting Bitcoin” released fresh data on Tuesday showing tha...

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Crypto Market Tides Forecast Profits, Report Shows

After the unreeled crypto winter, the market continues to show signs of revival after the debacle of...

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This Bitcoin On-Chain Metric Is At A Historical Resistance, Will BTC Decline?

This Bitcoin on-chain metric is currently at a level that has historically provided resistance. Will...

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Cardano DeFi TVL Rises More Than 100% In One Month

DeFi protocols in Cardano, a proof-of-stake smart contracting platform, have locked over $100 millio...

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Litecoin Price Prediction: Bulls Aim Strong Increase Above $100

Litecoin price is showing positive signs above the $90 zone against the US Dollar. LTC is rising and...

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AI Token AGIX Surges Over 700% In 2023, Here’s Why

AI (Artificial Intelligence) tokens which are native tokens of reputable AI projects are becoming a ...

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